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Auto transportation


Full truck load (or exclusive) is any goods transportation for which is necessary the use of exclusive means of transportation even it is used fully or not the entire capacity of loading. In transportation terminology this type of transportation is abbreviated FTL- FULL TRUCK LOAD.
The advantage of a transportation of a full truck load to a groupage transport consists in decreased delivery time. The truck will carry a course dedicated to the customer and will deliver the charge entirely safely from loading point to unloading point indicated by the beneficiary.
We can offer competitive tariffs with full trucks load for both export and import.
Do not hesitate to contact us for completly road transport services.

Groupage Transport

The groupage transport system is performed by collecting loads of goods in the country, with our trucks that bring together the groupages to Europe and CIS countries, and send them as soon as possible to the location set of your customer. Commodity grouping is made from Republic of Moldova to Europe and CIS countries.
Organizing all transport activities are carried out by our qualified staff that communicate directly with the customer and the sender of goods for goods transported by us in groupage regime to get in the best and optimal conditions at the destination.
Depending on customer demand and the amount of freight sent and transported by us in groupage new regime or full truck loads, the transmission can make promotional offers, personalized service and way finding optimal solutions of transport.
Do not hesitate to contact us for groupage transport services.