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AEO Consulting

RIF LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS provides advice to economic operators wishing to obtain AEO status.

With effect from 1 January 2008, Member States may grant, upon request, the status of authorized economic operator (AEO) to any economic operator established in the Community and fulfilling specified criteria at Community level for control systems, financial solvency and past record of compliance customs requirements. AEO-Logo Obtaining AEO status is not an obligation imposed on economic operators; on the contrary, the decision to apply for or not this status belongs to them, and the choice is made according to their specific situation, but it is expected that by 2020 no customs and tariff facilities will be granted to the holders of AEO certificates alone.

An economic operator holding an AEOC / AEOS Customs Simplification / Security and Safety certificate has the following benefits:

  • Exemption from payment of customs duty on importation;
  • Reducing and eliminating guarantees (such as the 4200 regime);
  • Logistic and operational benefits of AEO certification in Romania;
  • Centralized clearance (March 16, 2017);
  • Advance notice on physical control;
  • Out-of-hours exports;
  • Exemption from the presentation of goods to customs as part of the authorization to enter the declarant’s records;
  • Priority line on the relationship with the Republic of Moldova and Serbia.

To facilitate your AEO status, for your organization, S.C. RIF LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS SRL provides you with a complete package of services, from documentation and implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 management systems to ISO certification with an accredited body to support and support to meet AEOC / AEOS – Customs simplifications / Security.

In order to obtain the AEO status, we are with you to prepare the AEO dossier (preparation of the application, the self-assessment questionnaire and all the documents required by the AEO Technical Regulations), identifying and developing internal procedures and instructions to meet grant requirements the status of AEO, the training of personnel with AEO status requirements, assistance with audits to obtain AEO status.

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